19 May 2011

BPI PROMO: Shop Anywhere and get a Free item at Pizza Hut, Dairy Queen, or Taco Bell.

This is one of the reason why I love using credit card nowadays. You get Instant Rewards! Before, you have to earn like 10,000 points on your card before you can even claim a 100-peso gift certificate. Now, you just spend anywhere, the way you used to, and if you reach a certain amount, you get a freebie! Its that simple!


Moving on to the BPI Promo.


The promo is open exclusively to all existing BPI Express Credit cardholders of good credit standing and all existing BPI, BPI Family Savings Bank and BPI Direct ATM cardholders:

  • BPI Express Credit Classic
  • BPI Blue MasterCard
  • Gold MasterCard
  • Petron-BPI MasterCard
  • Edge MasterCard
  • BPI WorldPerks MasterCard
  • BPI SkyMiles MasterCard Regular and Platinum
  • BPI Express Teller, Jumpstart and BPinoy Cards (EPS)

For Minimum single receipt (charge slip) of P1,500, you can redeem the following:

Pizza Hut
  • One (1) Caesar Salad OR
  • One (1) Personal Pan Pizza
Dairy Queen
  • Two (2) Dilly Bar OR
  • Two (2) DQ Sandwich
Taco Bell
  • Any two (2) Affordabells**

For a single receipt purchase (charge slip) of P5,000

Pizza Hut
  • One (1) Regular Supreme Line Pan Pizza
Dairy Queen
  • Two (2) 9oz Regular Blizzard* OR
  • Three (3) Sundaes OR
  • Three (3) 12oz Shake
Taco Bell
  • Any five (5) Affordabells**

For a single receipt purchase (charge slip) of P10,000

Pizza Hut
  • One (1) Family Size Supreme Stuffed Crust Pizza OR
  • One (1) Family Size Supreme Line Pan Pizza
Dairy Queen
  • Three (3) Dilly Bars or three (3) DQ Sandwich AND three (3)9oz Regular Blizzard* OR
  • Four (4) Dilly Bars or four (4) DQ Sandwich and four (4) 12oz Shake OR
  • Four (4) Dilly Bars or four (4) DQ Sandwich and four (4) Sundaes
Taco Bell
  • Any three (3) of the Fiesta Platters 1, 2 and 3

**Affordabells: Cheese Roll Up, Crunchy Taco, ¼ lb Beef Combo Burrito, Fun Size Cheese Quesadilla, Chicken Pimiento Taquito, Nachos, Pork BBQ Burrito, Crispy Potato Soft Taco, Beef Burrito

*Oreo, Banana Split, Chocolate chips, Double Dutch, Rocky Road, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Oreo

BPI Cardholders can redeem the featured Pizza Hut, Dairy Queen and Taco Bell food items at any Pizza Hut Restaurant, Pizza Hut Bistro, Dairy Queen and Taco Bell branches nationwide.

Other Promo Mechanics:

  • Available for Printed Charge Slips Only (POS and EPS)
  • Your BPI Credit Card must be presented together with your charge slip(s)
  • The redemption is valid for dine-in and take-out only.
  • A customer is allowed up to three (3) redemptions per day, per store only.
  • Charge slip must be in good condition (i.e., readable transaction date, transaction amount and card number) to verify eligibility. Unreadable charge slips will not be honored for redemption.

Finally, Promo period is from February 8, 2011 to May 20, 2011. Redemption period is until July 19, 2011 only.

Credit Card Pilipinas will keep you posted on the latest Instant Rewards Promos of your favorite Credit Card. My favorite was the free movie ticket from Citibank but the promo already ended. And as of now they don’t offer any Instant Rewards for their charge slips..

Happy Swiping!
Credit Card Pilipinas

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